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"It's not only about having gorgeous pictures, it's about

all the fun we're going to have creating memories!"


About Me

Hi I'm Ruthie.

I am a proud mummy of two gorgeous girls and one old doggy and I am a photo addict!

Seriously -  my little one's first word was 'cheese'!

My portraits vary from age, location, family, individuals and even pets... but always working with natural light.
My style is fresh, vibrant and captures the true essence of my clients.

I always edit sympathetically but I never heavily filter the images. Therefore, in 10 years time, you will look back and see a true reflection of that special moment in time.  


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I usually start a session by getting to know you. Even in today's world we are still camera shy, I want you to take your time (we're not against the clock) and feel absolutely comfortable with me and the camera around. I will get the shots you're looking for once everybody feels comfortable. 
So... a bit more about myself: I'm a bit of a mad hatter, trying to carve my way in the world. I love cycling, yoga, coffee & dark chocolate but I'm not traditional - a size 16, yummy mummy in my 40's, a total perfectionist who followed my heart from Tel Aviv to Manchester. 

I firmly believe that loving yourself has nothing to do with how you look or how society expects you to look. All bodies are different, beautiful and should be loved, that's why I love taking photos of loving families because in my eyes they are always beautiful. 
Above all, I believe that everyone deserves to have a
 photo of themselves and their family.
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Ruthie Meiri Newgrosh, Stockport, England.

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