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Authentic, empowering & liberating photography.

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About Me

I will get the shots you're looking for once everybody feels comfortable. That goes to all types of shoots that I offer.
A bit more about me: I'm finally comfortable with being myself. That's a lot.
Although I want my customers to let go and enjoy themselves during a session, I am myself totally committed to my work and strive to achieve the best results.

My portraits vary from age, location, family, individuals and even pets... but always working mainly with natural light.

I always do my best to get to know you even before we start a session. Trust is very important to me. I want you to take your time and feel absolutely comfortable with me and the camera around.

Hi I'm Ruthie. Yes born Ruth but please call me Ruthie.

I am a proud mummy of two gorgeous girls and one old doggy.

What else? I followed my heart from Tel Aviv to Manchester about 11 years ago and married my soulmate very soon after we met! If you fancy a nosy and want to know more check out my instagram highlights!

I firmly believe that loving yourself has nothing to do with how you look or how society expects you to look. All bodies are different, beautiful and should be loved. Above all, I believe that everybody deserves to have a fabulous photo of themselves!

I asked my customers to describe me, their sessions and photos in one word.
I absolutely loved what they came up with:

Authentic, dynamic, empowering, wonderful, patient, liberating, candid, creative, caring, sincere.

If you find yourself comfortable with this, don't hesitate, get in touch.


"Be yourself;

everyone else is already taken"

*Oscar Wild



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Ruthie Meiri Newgrosh



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