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Photography and Healing

Birth, Womanhood, Motherhood & Family


“The birth photos are incredible and such a special memory for us. I cannot thank you enough for them. 

Not only that, when I met Ruthie she was a stranger, we hadn’t met before, however when she left my home after the third shoot we had (fresh 48) I really felt like I had made a friend for life. This woman is amazing!!! She made me feel like a total goddess, when I shared my insecurities with her, she told me why I shouldn’t feel that way about myself, she encouraged me throughout my labour and made me feel strong and like I could do it even when I wanted to give up, she provided the most gorgeous essential oils to help my labour and also belly butter for my pregnancy, she helped calm me during labour with EFT as well. I always felt at ease from the second I met Ruthie. I am so grateful we met and that I made such a wonderful friend".



Modern time and patriarchy have 'taught' us many things about our bodies and about our lives: we are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, our skin is not perfect, our tummy is not flat enough, we have too much body hair, we need medical help to birth a baby, we have to monitor everything all the time, it’s ok to feed babies with another mammal’s milk, breastfeeding should be natural and problem free and you must apply certain techniques, positionings and times, babies should sleep on their own, women need to be able to do it all... Shall I go on?

I believe you are beautiful and perfect just as you are. I believe you are doing the best you can. I believe your tummy is beautiful. So are your stretch marks. I believe you can birth just as you want and that your body knows exactly what to do if it is given the chance. I believe that with the right support, you can feed your baby with your own milk, and as long as you want, providing yourself and your baby endless health and emotional benefits. 

And above all I believe this beautiful, wonderful and natural journey should be celebrated, documented and shared with the world.

Let me help you reclaim the power and beauty of your body!


Who am I you ask?

Hi I'm Ruthie. You can also call me Ruth. I document women with knowledge, empowerment and love, through their motherhood, womanhood and body positivity empowerment journeys. I am also going to be a doula and a breastfeeding supporter soon and I am very excited about that! I am mummy of two awesome girls and one hyper dog and wife to a sweet man.

Other than shooting people with my camera and editing (stills and video), I work with EFT and Aromatherapy and other light witchy tools. All used for healing body and soul. I am also offering sessions that combine all of them. Therefore, I always do my best to get to know you even before we start a session. Trust is everything to me.


I want you to feel absolutely comfortable with me and the camera around because capturing those 'blink and they're gone' moments is really very awesome. I am combining all my skills as a natural healer, an artists and a light witch to help you feel that way. A bit more about me: I'm finally comfortable with being myself. That's a lot. I have been through a journey (physically and mentally) in the last few years that led me to where I am, and I want to help you do the same. I firmly believe that loving yourself has nothing to do with how you look or how society expects you to look. All bodies are different, beautiful and should be loved. What else? I followed my heart from Tel Aviv to Manchester about 11 years ago and married my soulmate very soon after we met! The force of intuition is strong with this witch! If you fancy a nosy and want to know more, check out my instagram highlights! Also on my instagram you will mostly find me in yoga tights stretching some bit of my body. I share a lot of my natural way of living in a modern world. I asked my customers to describe me, their sessions and photos in one word. I absolutely loved what they came up with: Authentic, dynamic, empowering, wonderful, patient, liberating, candid, creative, caring, sincere. If you find yourself comfortable with all of this, don't hesitate, get in touch. You will never regret documenting your journey.


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Ruthie Meiri Newgrosh



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