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What does Doula services cover?


Doula only

The service include:


  • 6 meetings with me prior to birth which will include:
    - EFT therapy to help in releasing any fears or trauma.
    - Birth planning including birth place, space, people, boundaries, birth plan.
    - Nutritional advice.
    - Any questions you have.
    -  Preparing for fourth trimester, including your space, placenta rituals and food.

  • Aromatherapy: essential oils for the birthnuroshing belly butter to apply from second trimesterpostnatal bath herbs salts and oils.


  • I will be 'on call' for you from 37 weeks till baby is here.

  • Support during birth: I will hold you space, have your back, manage the people around, respect your wishes and convey them to others. I will stay with you until you and baby are both comfortable and secure.



  • 3 meeting in your space after your baby is earthside. These meeting will include:
    - Breastfeeding support to my capacity.

    - Fourth trimester support and advice.
    - Postnatal snacks and nutritional advice.
    - Postnatal physical support.

Price including all the above:

£1000, payable in 3 instalments or through money pool collecting.  


Doula & Photography

The service includes doula services and documenting your journey:

  • All the Doula services mentioned above.

  • Free maternity photoshoot that will be incorporated in one of our prenatal meetings.

  • Birth photography.

Price including all the above:
£1750, payable in 4 instalments or through
money pool collecting.  

Add ons:

A 5-7 minutes edited video of your birth, using licensed music, delivered in a digital format.

+ £200

Newborn/ Fresh 48 Photography
+ £0 No fee for the session, when booked as part of the doula
& photography package, just choose your editing package

Miscarriage/ Trauma/ fear support

Having gone through a few miscarriages myself, I am here to support you when you need me.

Miscarriages are normal to happen and usually have no medical reason behind them. However, that does not make them less emotionally painful to experience.

I can help you go through them naturally and effectively.

If you are pregnant again or planning to get pregnant, and you carry this trauma with you, I can help with the emotional healing.

I am always available for support and advice for free on messages.

A meeting (zoom or face to face) with me will be £50. 

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