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mother breastfeeding her baby

The Motherhood Journey

The ultimate bump to baby bundle

What is the Motherhood Journey?

The 'Motherhood Journey' is a wholesome and one of a kind bundle. It is the documentation of your motherhood journey, in a beautiful, raw and empowering. I am also offering emotional and physical support for you and yours, from bump to baby. 

What does the Motherhood Journey bundle includes?

The bundle includes 4 photography sessions with me:

maternity (around 35 weeks), birth, fresh 48 photography, newborn new baby photography (around 4-5 weeks).

Add Ons

one EFT session and a choice of natural aromatherapy products that can support any stage of your pregnancy, birth and throughout the first year of your baby's life.

newborn baby, fresh 48, day old baby, fresh 48 north west england, newborn manchester


Sessions are approximately 1 hour long and can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather and on your personal preference. 

You will receive 15 edited images of your choice.

before our session we will have an EFT session (around 1 hour) to deal and ease any anxiety or fears you may have and help you prepare for birth and having a newborn.

Aromatherapy Options:

Especially made bumps butter infused with essential oils which will help your stretching skin, and will lift your mood. All the oils are allowed to use while breastfeeding too, so you will be able to continue using it after you give birth.

pregnant woman with flowers on her head

Birth Photography

Your birth story in photos & video. As Part of the bundle, birth photography includes:

  • Me on-call 24/7 from the day you start week 38 of your pregnancy.

  • Photographing your birth from active labour until an hour or two after birth.

  • All the images of your birth story fully edited.

  • A 5-7 minutes long edited video of the birth

Aromatherapy: as part of the Motherhood Journey I will come with an oil blend that can help the birthing process. 
I will be there to help emotionally with EFT if you have any issues during birth.​

a father holding his newborn baby seconds after he is born
baby's head emerged from his mother

Fresh 48 Photography

'Fresh 48' are sessions done in the first 48 hours of your baby's life. With all its tender, raw and beautiful nature. Those first hazy few hours/ days after giving birth, when your reality suddenly changes after you have done an incredible thing. And you are not only getting to know your baby, you are also getting to know yourself again. Those are fleeting moments. They are going to go so fast, unless you capture them.

This session is about 2 hours long and you will receive 20 edited images of your choice. 

Aromatherapy Option:
I will bring with me epsom salt and an essential oil blend for you to have baths and start healing from the birth. This blend also helps you relax and take some time for you in a very overwhelming time of your life.


Newborn photography; new baby at home

Unlike studio sessions for newborns (where they are mostly asleep), these sessions are done when your baby is around 4-5 weeks and you have had a chance to get to know each other. It can, of course, include other members of your family.

I document in a gentle, natural and unintrusive way. 

This session is approximately 2 hours long and you will receive 20 edited images of your own choice.

Aromatherapy Options (choose two):

For baby: oil blend to ease baby gas and to massage baby (I will show you baby massage technique and leave instructions if needed), nappy rash cream, oil blend for teething, oil blend to help baby's sleep or an oil blend to strengthen the baby's immune system.
For you: postpartum mother body butter to help your skin recuperate from stretching, oil blend to lift the mood, oil blend for relaxing, oil blend for encouraging milk supply or a breastfeeding friendly immune system booster oil blend.


Price and payments.

The price for the journey bundle is £1700, 15% down payment required upon booking.

+ £200 for the EFT & Aromatherapy option.

* 15% off the full price, upon signing a model release form (I never ever share anything without consent after you have seen the pictures, even if you do sign a release form). 

* I offer a payment plan that will start when you sign up, up to 4 payments!

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