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Our Family Holiday (and how I make art out of it)

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

So I am not British. I married one. That means that I left my family behind and I miss them very much. I know they probably miss me even more, because I am busy here with my every day life, business and kids... And they... they are my parents...

That also means that we go back to visit my #family (and the few good friends I left behind) at least once a year. This time we took advantage of the beautiful weather during the #Easter holidays.

two girls on a beach, sunset
Big munchkin introducing the sea to little munchkin

My #parents are amazing and every time we go back to visit they take us on a mini holiday. So I get to tour my homeland.

My homeland is #Israel. And although politically problematic, it is the most versatile and beautiful country. And don't get me started on the amazing food you can find everywhere.

When we come to visit in the winter we go down south to the desert. In spring we go north.

This time around we traveled to the north west of Israel, to the beautiful #Galilee (Galilee). We rented a stunning house located in an olive grove in an #eco-village called #Klil. We had perfect weather and such a relaxing few days there (top tip: the local bakery does the most amazing pizzas on Tuesday night).

Below you can see a taster of what we've been up to: rivers, #grottos (grottos - most northern western point of the country), the #beach in sunset and just having fun in the olive grove.

As usual I am always with my #camera. My lovely #daughters are used to pose for me by now... They are very kind to cooperate with their mummy's never ending requests and ideas.

They are forever my #inspiration and when I got home I dug into all the pictures and some of the edits are my favourites so far.

Some #pictures inspire me to make art. Like the one below: the colour edit is nice, stormy and full of emotion. But make it black and white, play a bit with exposure and contrast and it becomes art. Snapping moments like this one is what I love to do best. Even in a family photo-shoot, often the best moments are the stolen ones (like this one - all first 4 photos).

I have ordered a #canvas print of the above black and white edit and it is proudly hanging in my living room. Moreover, I ordered a print in Israel and sent it to my mum as a #birthday present. She was thrilled to receive it!

Another example is my munchkin on the swing (these where taken in a playground in Rosh-Hanikra, a kibbutz located in the most northern point, above the grottos. Behind the the green mountain is Lebanon):

Although the colour #edit is beautiful with its bold contrasting colours, the black and white one transcends the moment to an almost spiritual dimension; hanging there, between the sky and the ground. It makes me so happy that my 5 year old can have this privilege to be in her own wonderful world.

I am also fascinated with plants and the beauty of them. I love taking pictures of trees, flowers and anything that grows. With a bit of edit it looks very different. Beautiful printed on a big canvas. Here I fell in love with a #cacti... Only when I started editing the image I noticed the little birdie on the left... I've got loads of these edits. I might even write a blog post about it (*note to self)!

a cacti (cactus) against white skies.
The lovely cacti

That's it for now. Until the next time, goodbye!


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