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Social Distancing B&W Project - corona days

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

It all started with me losing the plot. Cleaning, cooking, home schooling, stuck at home... It was all a bit too much! I know you all can relate! I am one of those people who always need to be creating. But all I was creating was new recipes and new activities for my girls. Overwhelming, grinding everyday routine. With no way out. And then one day I pick up my neglected camera and decided to start documenting my friends and family who were, like me, stuck at home. It was the best decision I could have ever made for my mental well being.

Just getting out of the house, seeing people I have been missing, getting some creative juices flowing... best! After a couple of weeks, seeing I am more than able to keep my distance and still get nice shots, I decided to open the project for the paying public. With special corona days prices it went absolutely mental! So hectic and so much fun!

I visited over 50 households, I met 5 newborns, 4 babies turning 1, and even a couple on what should have been their wedding day! I feel so honoured to have been a little part of people's lives, hearing stories, documenting, gifting them a memory of these crazy times! The best part was that some of the families became returning customers and I got to see them again. What a treat!

All my customers got their images both in colour and in b&w. For me, as an artist, the black and white really enhanced our common situation. How we were all in it together.

Thank you so much to all you lovely people who let me peep into your lives! Connect with me on instagram

<3 Ruthie

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