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Walkden Gardens, September, 2018

Hello autumn!

My favourite photography season! Everything is just so pretty and photogenic.

I had such a great afternoon with this lovely family, trying to catch those sneaky last rays of light (although always thankful when the sun graces us with its presence). I always try and meet families for a photoshoot about two hours before the sun sets, to get the best light. I have to admit, this location caught me a bit off guard with its tall trees at the west side, blocking most of the lovely rays. Luckily I came armed with my flash that came in very handy. We were also lucky to find a few sunny spots.

A lot of the time parents apologise for their children's energetic behaviour, not always listening to them begging them to stop for a pose. I can assure you there is no need! Kids have loads of energy and that is exactly the way we like them. Two energetic boys will always be a challenge to photograph but luckily these gorgeous boys also liked to stop and pose. So strike a pose!

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