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What is EFT and how I can treat you world wide.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. In this technique we tap on meridian ends while saying out loud carefully selected sentences.

It is an amazing technique to release the things which are stuck in the back of your mind or somewhere else in your body. While releasing things, we are bringing in other things... Good things: healing, better believes, acceptance, forgiveness, love and more love.

With the help of EFT we can release excess emotional charge or emotional load in things such as:

Trauma, anxiety, distress, depression, despair, stress, pressure, anger, guilt, grief, frustration, fears, addictions, confusion, bad and damaging thoughts and also Physical pains, constipation, back pain, difficulty breathing and so much more.

The questioning process of each session is so in depth, accurate and wholesome. I’m completely in love with this technique.

Some issues can be dealt with in one session and some will take more. The wonderful thing about EFT is once we have opened the doors in your mind, the healing will continue.

As somebody who’s been in one form or another of therapy for most of my adult life, I’m still amazed to discover more things that block my progress in life and relish the opportunities (when I practice with fellow tappers) to unravel the emotional knots which are still there.

Thanks to the last two years (yes i insist on seeing the positives) new technologies are with us and I am offering sessions on Zoom. And I love it!

There are so many advantages to meeting on zoom:

First of all, tapping yourself is very effective, even more so than me tapping you.

Secondly, while tapping yourself you learn the technique and can keep using it when you need to.

Meeting from your own home also saves so much time and money and allowing both of us flexibility with time. It also means you don't need childcare and that you can meet from anywhere in the world.

Finally I find people are more relaxed when they are at they familiar surrounding. That actually benefits enormously to the session.


I am offering sessions now over zoom for only £25 per session until the end of February (2022).

If you feel like you need help, reach out (you can get in touch through the home page on the website).

As always I am also here and here

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