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When the universe and my womb talk, I listen

On Sunday I went along to one of Sophie's pregnancy circles. I am not pregnant but I wanted to meet some pregnant women and to get some nourishment myself. Typically I just got my period. Day 1. So nourishment, gentle movement and rest was just the ticket!

Women circle - when women come together

In Sophie's Circle, we did womb meditation. Tuning in and listening to what my womb had to say I got a very strong clear message from my womb: I am not done yet! I am still menstruating! But also something else came load and clear: I (ie my womb) did the hard work for you, so you can see and listen to the signs and go on the path that you needed to go. I took on the hard work but it was all part of the plan. 

Wow! I mean the plan? The path! The path of me becoming what I am. Helping women heal, gather and move on. Even in the depth of my grief after another miscarriage women found their way to me to guide them through their miscarriages. That was years ago. Even before I was on my path.

healing, channeling

Back to the womb meditation - also I saw my daughters and and with that came a strong knowing, a strong realisation: that they both been born with all the eggs they are ever going to have and that their children’s children, are within them and they’re all part of me. They are my children’s children’s. My daughter’s daughters. It doesn’t really matter how many children I have here in this life because I’ve corrected my lineage. Realign my dynasty. Created my daughters with intention and love and I invest so much in them so everything they’ll create in life will be more aligned. 

it's all connected

The next morning I woke up still feeling very period full and in strong need to recharge in nature. So after school drop off I took myself somewhere where there are trees and running water. Somewhere I could rest, meditate and recharge.

in nature

Sitting by the stream, between two trees, I did a reading in this new beautiful deck of cards and then I did meditation. The strong message that I got from both the reading and the meditation was to pay attention to what’s happening now and to pay attention to synchronicity. I always used to pay attention to synchronicity (as a young woman somehow it used to be easier), but then suddenly I remembered something that happened that morning; At the woman Circle we did some movement with our eyes closed, and on all fours I did some very specific rocking of the pelvic that I felt like I needed that moment. And this morning when I woke up Annabelle, who is seven, jumped on her bed and did exactly the same movement. It’s not usual for her. She never does this in the morning. I was so impressed. I told her what beautiful stretching Annabelle... that is such a nice way to wake up... But only now getting this message of synchronicity I realise, how connected to me she is. And what a beautiful way of my guidance to give me a message through my little daughter that she is a continuation of me but in the most beautiful gentle way. Not in a narcissistic way. In a way that tells me that whatever good work I do in this world my daughters will continue it

card reading

The cards - The now - pay attention to what's happening.

What do I need to do to manifest my highest good? Allowing the self to evolve as you go and discovering new things today sets the path of destiny to unfold. In order to claim the future you must attend to the now.

I must not be afraid from the unknown.

For me, together with the meditation it brought the message of unity - my job is to help women and bring them together with all the knowledge.

It has been bubbling in me for a while now and also presented itself recently.

In two ways I will move forwards: one is the beautiful ceremony of 'closing of the bones' that after the 19th of May (when I will receive it myself) I will be able to do. I think it should be crowdfunded in a way, meaning that all the participants that the mother call to take part, will contribute whatever they can to the event.

Closing of the bones, healing

This is the most beautiful ceremony honouring the mother, closing her bones after childbirth and helping her heal.

The second way is something I feel is cooking in my brain for some time now - period circles for your girls. What a wonderful thing it will be to initiate girls to their womanhood in a beautiful, loving respectful way.

power in circles

These to sides of the cycle, will be so powerful. So healing. I really can't wait.

When women gather together, wonderful things happen.

The third thing is the most exciting thing that happened to me in a while. I am returning to

documentary production. The most wonderful documentary series is coming together with amazing women, combining everything I am so passionate about in the last few years: birth, healing, ceremonies, history, rites, traditions.

Back to the messages - everything is connected, nothing was in vein. To me, every step I took in my life, brought me to this place. The best way is to live in the moment, be in the present, listen to intuition. I'm a little shocked that it's back - filmmaking. A career I thought I had left behind. but there is and was a reason for everything and the years I spent editing and researching documentaries, weaving stories, have brought me here. Just like period and pregnancy are a full circle so is life.


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Oooooooh!!!! My heart is soooooo full reading this, im literally bursting at the seems!!!! I literally have no words

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