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Reframing Negative Birth Experience 


Well done.

Landing in this page is a great first step on your path to healing.

Before you carry on reading, I want to say: this is not therapy and I am not a therapist.

Therapy is amazing and when there is a need for it I am all for it.

But this is not what I offer.

I offer a few short and effective methods of dealing with your bad experience. My ways are holistic,  wholesome and safe but I am not here to hold you for the long run. Having said that, the tools I will give you will stay with you forever.


Do you struggle to be happy? Enjoy your children? Enjoy and love yourself? Do you feel ongoing stress with your partner? These might all be manifestations of the bad experience you have been through. Releasing the negative feelings associated with your memory of what was meant to be the most empowering and sacred experience of your life, will change your life for the better.


Most of your brain's activity is in your subconscious, which has been protecting you your entire life.

Its key purpose is your survival. It is nature’s alarm system which is perfectly natural, but not always helpful. It means you can get triggered by harmless things sometimes. Very much like a fire alarm which will go off when you come out of a steamy shower; like our ptsd response, it shows that the system works well.

I offer ways to unhook the trauma from your inbuilt alarm system.

Birth small 1-100.jpg

Birth Awareness 3 step Rewind Trauma Release

NLP based method

This is a short process, over 3 sessions (three 1-1.5 hour meetings) with the sole intention of releasing the negative emotional feelings and physical responses associated with the experience you went through.  You will go through a guided meditation that unhooks your experience from the inbuilt alarm system you have.  Very importantly, you do not lose the memory itself, but what we are looking for is an altered reaction to your experience.
What we need to do next is schedule the three meetings, which we can also do on Zoom.

Price: £75 per session, first session will be paid in advance, the other two will be paid before session 2.


Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a beautiful technique. A wonderful tool that will stay with you forever. By learning it you will be able to help yourself and your loved ones in the future.

By tapping on certain points along your body while repeating carefully selected sentences, we bring emotions, feelings, fears and thoughts from your subconscious, forward, to the front brain. We will tackle old believes that do not serve you anymore and we will also implant new truths.

This is a client/ patient led session, so we never tackle more than you can handle.

This method is gentle but goes deep; what we do, is opening doors in your mind, making you aware of patterns and opening possibilities for you to feel different about yourself.

Before our first meeting I might send some questions to fill up.

This technique will be more suitable if you have a specific emotion you would like to release: if you carry a grudge towards your midwife or even partner, if you feel angry every time you see your GP, if you are fearful before your first birth, or want to be better prepared for it emotionally.

Sessions can also be done on Zoom. Sessions last 1-2 hours and you will need to factor in some rest time after.

Price: £75 per session



Personalised to your needs

Aromatherapy is an ancient method of treatment that uses highly concentrated and fragrant extracts of various plants. Each essential oil contains many components that have a wonderful effect on our body, mind and soul. 

I use essential oils every day, all day! For myself and my family.

For clients I am offering a variety of tried and tested mixtures that will support you physically and emotionally:

For pregnancy, for birth, for postnatal and for babies. 

Yes I even have a blend for a better birth and it works! I can also make a blend to help release trauma and depression. 

Talk/ Consultation/ energetic work

Ask what you need to ask

I have always been a good listener. I have always been a healer in my core. I believe for many lives.

I never stop reading, learning, developing, accumulating knowledge.

I studied a lot around birth, natural birth not medicalised one. I attended beautiful births and I believe you can also have one.

I might have answers to a lot of your questions.

I offert energetic work with my pendulum. This work is me channeling higher wisdom and it is unbelievably accurate and helpful. It is a tool I work with a lot, for myself, my family and my clients. We carry with us a lot of energetic baggage and it is never too late to get rid of it. If you are curious but not sure what I am talking about, feel free to ask me:


Price: free with other services I offer

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