Birth Photography

"I’m so in love with all my birth images.

Choosing to have someone present to film and photograph your intimate experience is a big decision and one I didn’t take lightly.

I met Ruthie several times to get to know her, she came to my blessingway and we did a naked river shoot together. Can’t get more intimate than that!

She met my doula, partner and son.

I brought her into my birth space and we spoke at length about my plans and how I wanted it to be and what I didn’t want. I was communicating every little detail that came up for me with her, voice noting her even just the day before I went into labour.

Everyone who enters your birth space needs to be exactly on your page and I’m so gratitude to have found Ruthie who trusted and respected it all."



newborn baby boy in his father's arms, birth
newborn baby, placenta and her daddy

"There were times I wondered if it was the right thing and maybe we could capture it ourselves but I’m so glad I trusted my choice and will always have these images to treasure for life and for my baby girl to see as she grows up, the day she entered the world."

Meeting your baby for the first time is pure magic, and giving birth can be full of strength and joy.

I am here to help you.

Documenting your birth is a present you will never regret gifting yourself and your baby. Looking back at the photos will forever give you a good dose of oxytocin!

I am all about natural birth and naturally helping your body to do what it is capable of.

Telling your birth story is a passion for me, and I do it in an empowering and supportive way. For me, birthing is a wonderful way of reclaiming your body autonomy.

I will always respect your choices and try to adjust myself in any way I can.

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woman after giving birth in pool holding her baby and kissing her partner
a woman in labour with people around her and a midwife

I will support any decision you make, whether it is free birthing or using gas & air. I've got your back! And I've got essential oils and EFT which are always with me and I am always happy to help!I will be there from when you go into active labour and up to two hours after birth, capturing the first few moments of your new baby and family.
I offer a free video call (not committing) with me to get to know each other and to ask anything at all. Should you choose to book I will be happy to meet for coffee or at our free maternity shoot (what? yes!).

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a baby being born into water
baby and his siblings

I am offering a Free maternity photoshoot

with your birth photography booking!
*pending deposit

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Investment (birth photography pricing):

When booking me you are getting:

  • Me on-call 24/7 from the day you start week
    38 of your pregnancy.

  • Photographing your birth from active labour until an hour or two after birth.

  • All the images of your birth story, fully edited.

  • Free maternity photoshoot and 15 edited images.


Price: £950 (payable in 3 instalments)


Add birth videography (you should, it's awesome)

A 5-7 minutes edited video of your birth, delivered in a digital format.

+ £200

Love sharing? me too! 10% discount (on everything) for signing a model release form (and don't worry, I never ever share anything without asking you first).

newborn baby girl latched on her mother's breast after birth

Birth photography is highly specialised and localised.

Most of my births are home births, but with Covid restrictions slowly being removed it is worth checking with your hospital if I will be allowed in, if that is where you want to birth.

I will be on-call for up to approximately 4 weeks, 24/7. Any other shoots and my personal life schedules will be rearranged or cancelled to make sure I get to you on time. That also means I am not travelling anywhere far, I go to sleep early every day and I don't drink alcohol. So my cameras and I are ready to go when you call me.

I will spend many hours with you. If you are lucky to have a short birth, I will spend more time with you afterwards.

I document in a gentle way, helping when I can and staying quiet most of the time. If you have any special preferences, feel free to talk to me.

You can head over to my blog for some birth stories. And please don't hesitate,  get in touch. I will be so happy to hear from you!

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  • When should a birth photographer arrive? You should call me when your midwife is on her way, i.e. when you are in active labour.

  • How can you take pictures during labour? Would it bother me? We will have a discussion beforehand and I will take into account your preferences. I can get as intimate as you like, and I will respect your wishes. 

  • What should I wear for birth photos? That depends on you. From my experience, birthing mothers love wearing next to nothing so I would recommend a small comfy top or a sport bra.

  • Should I get a birth photographer? I have yet to meet anyone who regretted that!

newborn baby held by the midwife and her dad
a mother moments after giving birth

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