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Breastfeeding Studio mini-shoot 

artistic image of a naked mother holding a naked baby, breastfeeding shoot

"I feel like your photos captured the essence of how I feel about breastfeeding Ernie. They’re so relaxed and natural. There’s no shame there, only pride. But I also feel they really show an air of resilience and perhaps defiance even,  that despite my journey I’m still here feeding my baby how I want to".


breastfeeding photography uk

my studio breastfeeding mini-shoot is a day where mothers can come together with their children in a safe and positive environment to celebrate and commemorate their breastfeeding journey.

breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby wearing a dress

I am offering 25 minutes slots to mothers and their children, where they can be photographed nude/ semi nude or clothed, whatever your preference.

This project is part of my “Her Body Story” Project to empower women’s bodies. I’m hoping to launch a national campaign to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding. I would like to highlight women from different backgrounds in their natural beauty.
I welcome all breastfed ages and tandem feeding with love.

a black woman tandam feeding

You will get to choose which images are your favourites, you will get the edited images of your choice in two digital formats:

  • Big size files that you can print at any size.

  • Small size files for you to share on social media, email or use on your phone/ tables/ computer.

For this special price you get:

  • A complimentary phone call to discuss all details, starting with the best time to the best outfits.

  • 5 fully high end digital images.  
    *More images are available to purchase (also at a reduced price), and I don't charge for b&w versions.

breastfeeding art, blonde mother breastfeeding toddler
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby looking at camera
black woman breastfeeding in a studio
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby, a drop of milk
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby
breastfeeding photography, breastfeeding art

Although I have a 'higher cause' here, these photos still involve a lot of work on my part so I'm asking

£75 that can be paid in two installments if needed.

The next minishoot day will be in December 2023.

Not sure? Ask me anything you'd like:

Email me

Text or call 07597695812

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