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Breastfeeding in Studio 

artistic image of a naked mother holding a naked baby, breastfeeding shoot

"I feel like your photos captured the essence of how I feel about breastfeeding Ernie. They’re so relaxed and natural. There’s no shame there, only pride. But I also feel they really show an air of resilience and perhaps defiance even,  that despite my journey I’m still here feeding my baby how I want to".


breastfeeding photography uk


My passion and love for breastfeeding and having a studio allows me to continue to offer this special shoot now at the same price as a mini-shoot but with flexible timing!

breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby wearing a dress

The session is a minimum 30 minutes (toddlers take more time!) of fun, relaxed time so we can celebrate your journey.

My aim is always to empower women’s bodies and soul and to recognise stories and victories.

I’m hoping to someday, launch a national campaign to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding. I would like to highlight women from different backgrounds in their natural beauty.

I welcome all breastfed ages and tandem feeding with love.

You are welcome to use my clients wardrobe, fabrics and shawls.

a black woman tandam feeding

You will get to choose which images are your favourites. After editing, you will get the edited images of your choice in two digital formats:

  • Big size files that you can print at any size.

  • Small size files for you to share on social media, email or use on your phone/ tables/ computer.

For this special price you get:

  • A complimentary phone call to discuss all details, starting with the best time to the best outfits.

  • 2 fully high end digital images.  
    *More images are available to purchase (also at a reduced price), and I don't charge for b
    &w versions.

breastfeeding art, blonde mother breastfeeding toddler
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby looking at camera
black woman breastfeeding in a studio
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby, a drop of milk
breastfeeding art, mother breastfeeding baby
breastfeeding photography, breastfeeding art

Although I have a 'higher cause' here, these photos still involve a lot of work on my part so I'm asking

£75 that can be paid in two installments if needed.

Not sure? Ask me anything you'd like:

Email me

Text or call 07597695812

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