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Social Distancing B&W Project

It all started with me loosing the plot.

Cleaning, cooking, home schooling, stuck at home... It was all a bit too much! I know you all can relate!

I am one of those people who always need to be creating. But all I was creating was new recipes and new activities for my girls. Overwhelming, grinding everyday routine. With no way out.

And then one day I pick up my neglected camera and decided to start documenting my friends and family who were, like me, stuck at home. It was the best decision I could have ever made for my mental well being.

Just getting out of the house, seeing people I have been missing, getting some creative juices flowing... best!

After a couple of weeks, seeing I am more than able to keep my distance and still get nice shots, I decided to open the project for the paying public. With special corona days prices it went absolutely mental! So hectic and so much fun! I visited over 50 households, I met 5 newborns, 4 babies turning 1, and even a couple on what should have been their wedding day! I feel so honoured to have been a little part of people's lives, hearing stories, documenting, gifting them a memory of these crazy times! Thank you so much to all you lovely people who let me peep into your lives!


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