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Fresh 48 & Newborn at Home

mother who just gave birth holding her newborn baby, fresh 48 photography

"THANK YOU. Wow I can’t express how priceless it is to have these moments documented that previously just never have been.Really thank you!"


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newborn baby girl held by her father, fresh 48 photography

"Such a beautiful picture of my little Bridie. Thank you for capturing her in such a creative and relaxed way".


newborn photography, newborn baby girl with peonies

Fresh 48 Photography:

Those first hazy few hours/ days after giving birth, when your reality suddenly changes after you have done an incredible thing. And you are not only getting to know your baby, you are also getting to know yourself again. 

Those are fleeting moments. They are going to go so fast, unless you capture them.
I document in a gentle, natural and creative way. 

Newborn Photography at Home:

These sessions can be done at your home, from about 1 week old.

Or you can wait and recuperate and have had a chance to get to know each other, and we can take the images  when your baby is around 4-5 weeks . It can of course include other members of your family.

newborn in baby bath
  • Both sessions are approximately 2 hour long.

  • Fee for the session only £100

newborn photography, baby girl in bath with flowers
newborn, new born, baby, baby boy
newborn, premmy, new born, baby girl, baby swaddle
flower bath, baby bath, newborn, new born, baby girl, premmy
brothers, siblings, newborn, newborn with brothers
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family with newborn, tattoos
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