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Breastfeeding/ Mama and me

a woman breastfeeding her daughter under a blanket of roses. quenn mary's rose garden london

"Breastfeeding my son has been one of my favorite parts of becoming his mother. Never did I imagine I would feel so much looking down into his big adoring eyes as he gets everything he needs from me. The milk is almost secondary to the connection and love we share in those moments. Every time I breastfeed, I feel like a warrior woman. 

The photos Ruthie has taken have captured this so perfectly. The gaze, the touch, the connection we have".


Being a breastfeeding mother myself, I know how rewarding it can be; and how hard it can be!

Whether it is a newborn, a bigger baby or a toddler, I will be so happy to capture these magical moments with you.

In the comfort of your home on or we can venture outside if weather permits. 

  • Sessions are approximately 1 hour long unless you take part of a mini-shoot (follow my social media for details).

  • Session can include newborn/ sibling photography (the price may chance).

  • Fee for the shoot only £75

  • Sessions can be anywhere in Manchester & Stockport. I will be happy to travel further away but this will incur travel expenses of £1 per mile from Cheadle. 

indoor photography breastfeeding mum
black and white image of a mother breastfeeding in the bath with flowers
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