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pregnant woman laying on the sofa in studio

"Oh Ruthie the pics are divine!!! Thanks so so much for capturing this special time so perfectly!! Thanks so so much."


Shana maternity-8.jpg

Every bump is different. Every woman is different and bring a different energy to her shoot.

I see you.

Maternity sessions in studio are fun and intimate, can be done whatever the weather is outside.

I will be there for you: present, non judgemental and supportive. I am happy to follow your personal vision so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.  

I recommend to do the shoot around 35-37 weeks pregnant, but we can go earlier if you want and if you feel you need support to get ready for birth.

Investment: option 1

EFT, photography & aromatherapy. I will help with whatever bothers you.

These sessions are relaxed and will take a minimum of 2 hours long.

I will also give you an essential oil blend to help with birth.

Investment for the shoot only: £75

EFT: £45

goddess, pregnant shoot in studio
pamela maternity-15.jpg

Investment: option 2

Photography only.
These sessions will take proximally 1.5 hour long.

Investment for the shoot only: £75

pamela maternity-16.jpg
Shana maternity.jpg
Anna favourites-13_edited.jpg
Anna favourites-23.jpg
goddess, pregnant woman in studio
goddess, pregnant woman in studio
Shana maternity-18.jpg
pregnancy shoot

Maternity Studio Sessions

Shana maternity-14.jpg
low exposure image of pregnant woman in studio
Pamela in studio
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