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The empowerment journey!


The Journey: 

The "Empowerment Journey" is a unique and unprecedented experience which includes:
an initial meeting with me, 3 EFT sessions, a lengthy and relaxed photoshoot in a private Manchester city center location, accompanied by aromatherapy personalised crafted oil blends which you will also take home. After the shoot you will receive 20 edited images of your choice and an option for a final meeting to go over the process and see how you feel.

Click here to read more about EFT .

But why aromatherapy? I use essential oils all day every day. I find them hugely beneficial for me, my clients and my family; mentally and physically.

empowerment session

Is it for me?

This is not a boudoir session, these photos are not for anyone's gaze but your own. I am not suggesting I will change everything in your life and in how you feel about yourself. 

But I am here to help you shed some layers, love yourself, grow as a woman, and have fun. 

hands and feet in light

EFT sessions:

Our three sessions (as well as our first meeting) will be held on zoom. you will be doing the tapping on yourself. I found meeting on zoom works very well and gives you the security of your familiar space. 

Open your mind for the possibility of real deep change, real deep healing. We are starting a process together, I am also giving you tools to take with you and treat yourself when you feel the need to. By the time we get to the photoshoot we will feel comfortable with each other, enough to capture your true beautiful self.

semi nude, empowerment

Essential oils:

Aromatherapy is an ancient method of treatment that uses highly concentrated and fragrant extracts of various plants. Various parts of the plant are used: flowers, leaves, fruit skins ex. Each essential oil contains many components that have a wonderful effect on our body, mind and soul. At various times throughout history the essential oils and various extracts from the plants have been used for many purposes like disinfecting the air from diseases, curing existing diseases, treating moods, treating skin problems, skin care, perfumery and even formed an integral part of spiritual and religious ceremonies.

essential oils, neals yard, tisserand

After getting to know you I will be able to draw up a list of oils which will continue to support you on your journey. When we meet for the photoshoot you will have a chance to smell them and set aside those you like and feel connected to. I will tell you about each of the oils; its healing properties and its benefits.

During the shoot a few of the oils will accompany us with our session, making us happy, calm and relaxed.

Essential oils are detoxifying, relaxing and have an immediate effect on your body and mind.

After the shoot we will prepare a blend and smelling salts tailored especially for you.

This way the oils will stay with you and remind you of your healing journey.

peronlised essential oils blends

 Photoshoot and images:
We will meet in a secure location where we will not be interrupted and take our time with the shoot. As always in my shoots, you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable with. We will also use blankets, throws, scarfs. You are welcome to bring whatever you want that will make you feel comfortable and safe. We will shoot for as long as we are both happy and satisfied.

After the shoot I will edit the images and send them to you.

You can choose 30 images you love. 

empowerment photoshoot

 Posting online

As an artist and healer, I always want to share my work, especially when it comes with a story and an agenda. But you are safe with me. I never ever post anything without consent (after you have seen the images). Your confidence in me is above all.

black and white self portrait

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!


And especially in this case! We will have another meeting after I deliver the images. We will check how you are getting on with the oils, and how you feel about the journey, measuring up to the first time we have met.

nude from behind


The prices is for the journey:

- Initial meeting: £35 (that will be deducted should you choose to go ahead).

- 4 meetings, oil blends, photoshoot and  20 edited images of your choice: £700.

  This includes everything above.

- An extra meeting with talk & EFT is available for £50-£70.
  *Installments available.

*A night at the Manchester city center Airbnb can be added at extra cost.

fairy lights

Power to you sister.

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