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Holistic Counselling & Healing
by Ruth

Arriving to this space is a first step on your path to healing and clarity, to live your life from love and not from fear, anger or resentment.


Are you confused about life or work? Do you struggle to be happy? Enjoy your children? Enjoy and love yourself? Are you scared of becoming a parent? Of giving birth? Do you feel ongoing stress with your partner? Do you struggle to find a partner?


Getting clarity and releasing the negative feelings associated with your memories, will change your life for the better. I am here to help you to realign your life and self, put you back on your path, back on the most accurate life journey for you. There is really very little point to live life in any other way.


Over the years I have collected many skills through study and practising. Always working with intuition that connects me to your guidance. I work in a holistic way, pulling on any method I feel is needed. I will focus on what you need right now in order to process , and move on with your life the best you can. 

During a session I go as deeply as you need and willing and follow with knowledge and my very strong intuition. Intuition is a tool, used by each and every one of us. The more you follow it, the more in tune you will be.


Before you carry on reading, I just want to say: although you can come back to have as many sessions as you need (I recommend 3 at a time), this is not designed to be a long term therapy. When there is a need for long term emotional holding, I am all for it. I have done it myself in the past. But this is not what I offer. Please read more.

Your subconscious has been protecting you your entire life. Its key purpose is your survival. It is nature’s alarm system which is perfectly natural, but not always helpful. It means you can get triggered by harmless things sometimes.  

But it also has all the answers. 

Sometimes a trauma isn't even yours; you can carry it in your genes; your ancestors' traumas and issues. It is called intergenerational transference. Wherever it comes from, you can look it in the eyes and have the courage to work through it and live your life to the fullest and to your highest and most accurate purpose. This is happiness.

If you would like to know more about the different methods that I use, please read further. A session with me will combine at least two of them at a time.


A healing session with me is approx 1.5 hours. I will finish any process we have started. I don't look at my watch.

Price for a one off session is £65

Price for a package of three sessions is £150 

Price for photo-healing is +£90 (not including edits, please look at editing packages)


Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a beautiful technique. A wonderful tool that will stay with you forever. EFT (tapping) is a therapeutic approach that combines elements of traditional psychotherapy with acupressure points.

By tapping on certain points along your body while repeating carefully selected sentences, we bring emotions, feelings, fears and thoughts from your subconscious, forward, to the front brain. We will tackle old believes that do not serve you anymore and we will also implant new truths which will help you going forwards.

This is a client led session, so we never tackle more than you can handle.

This method is gentle but goes deep; what we do, is opening doors in your mind, making you aware of patterns and opening possibilities for you to feel different about yourself.

Before our first meeting I might send some questions to fill up.



Personalised to your needs

Aromatherapy is an ancient method of treatment that uses highly concentrated and fragrant extracts of various plants. Each essential oil contains many components that have a wonderful effect on our body, mind and soul. 

I use essential oils every day, all day! For myself, my family and many clients.

For clients I am offering a variety of tried and tested mixtures that will support you physically and emotionally:

For emotional stress, physical problem (that often go hand in hand with emotional ones), pregnancy, birth, postnatal and for babies. 

Yes I even have a blend for a better birth and it works! I can also make a blend to help release trauma and depression. 

Birth small 1-100.jpg

Birth Awareness 3 step Rewind Trauma Release

NLP based method

This is a process that has to take place over 3 sessions (three 1-1.5 hour meetings) with the sole intention of releasing the negative emotional feelings and physical responses associated with the experience you went through.  You will go through a guided meditation that unhooks your experience from the inbuilt alarm system you have.  

Very importantly, you do not lose the memory itself, but what we are looking for is an altered reaction to your experience.
What we need to do next is schedule the three meetings, which we can also do on Zoom.

First session will be paid in advance, the other two will be paid before session 2.

This is a tried and tested method, also used by the NHS.

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Talk/ Healing/ Energetic work/ Energetic cleanse

Ask what you need to ask

Sometimes a session will take us towards channeling. I have got very strong intuition and I ask the right questions. If you are ready for them. Your higher guidance is always there to help, never to scare. They are always available when you ask.

I studied channeling & Healing and I work with a lot of tools that never stop surprising me for the best.

I might have answers to a lot of your questions. And they can be very accurate. 

I offert energetic work either with meditation or with my pendulum. Usually both. This work is me channeling higher wisdom and it is unbelievably accurate and helpful. It is a tool I work with a lot, for myself, my family, my friends and my clients. We carry with us a lot of energetic baggage and it is never too late to get rid of it. If you are curious but not sure what I am talking about, feel free to ask me:



I have spent years studying, reading, practising and enriching my knowledge and I will never stop studying and developing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. 

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