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* If you want only birth photography please click here

a smiling mother the morning after giving birth with her newborn baby and two older children

Birth Photography & Doula Services

How do you want to give birth?

This is my first question to you. 

I trained as a doula so I can be better in birth photography. So I never attend a birth and just take photos. I do a lot more.

What is a doula?

Birth keeper, birth educator, the one who has your back, the one who will answer questions and fight your corner. 

What kind of services do I offer?

At the moment I offer prenatal & postpartum doula services and birth photography separately

Meeting women, I am discovering that so many women have had bad birth experience in the past few years and are longing and needing healing and support towards a better birth experience. It can be done.

If it is your first birth you might have a million questions and fears and I am here to support you and answer all of them.

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What else?

At this time I only offer prenatal and postpartum doula services.

One off meetings are available and so are short term treatments to reframe your past bad birth experience.

If you book me as a doula and photographer, I will reduce the birth photography price. 


Doula services - Price and details


Birth photography - Price and details


Miscarriage/ Trauma/ Fear support

Having gone through a few miscarriages myself, I am here to support you when you need me.

Miscarriages are normal to happen and usually have no medical reason behind them. However, that does not make them less emotionally painful to experience.

I can help you go through them naturally and effectively.

If you are pregnant again or planning to get pregnant, and you carry this trauma with you, I can help with the emotional healing.

I am always available for support and advice for free on messages.

More info can be found here

a newborn baby in a birth pool looking at his mother


I come to help women (and all birthing people) from an experienced and educated place. I have gone through pregnancies and births, traumas and lots of different types or therapy and above all, I never stop learning and enriching my knowledge. 

In the last few years my studies have been more constructed. Other than reading lots of books I also trained with: 

  • Doula training - Red Tent Doulas,

  • True Midwifery First Aid Course

  • Sophie Wild  Primal Birth Method.

  • Aromatherapy -  2 courses (basic  and advanced) with Orly Tagar, senior aromatherapist.

  • EFT - 2 courses (basic and advanced) with Aya Kalosh-Bar Or, senior EFT therapist and educator.

  • Birth Awareness Rewind Method with Mark Harris

  • coming this winter - closing of the bones training.

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