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This gorgeous oil blend is designed to help you connect with your baby, reduce their pain or enxiety. It is suitable from age 3 weeks till you no longer massaging. Massaging your baby relaxes and releases oxytocin for both you and your baby. It will help them go to sleep more easily and can aid the digestive system. The oils used in this blend are also good for skin healing and rejuvenating. You can use the oil all over the baby’s body including feet and face (avoid contact with eyes and mouth).

If your baby is teething or is having ear pain with infection, you can rub the oil outside (never inside)  and behind the ear. 

If your baby is teething you can rub this oil externally around the sore area.



Not for internal use.

Never use the oil inside the ear.  

Never use the oil inside the mouth or on the gums.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

Baby Massage Oil/ Ear Pain/ Teething

1 Milliliter
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