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This is a bundle to use only during birth when you are full term and have an established labour.

Combination of oils helps the birth to be efficient, helps the contractions, encourages effective dilation, keeps you relaxed and happy. 

You can and should (if it feels right for you) keep using the oils to birth the placenta.


Pure essential oils blend

5ml Pure oils mix to use in a diffuser, or mix with carrier oil. You can also use this blend to top up your smelling salt.

Smelling salts

Ready mixed pure essential oils with rock salt.

Smell as often as you can and feel like during birth.

Pre mixed rubbing oil 

30ml Ready mixed blend to rub on your lower belly and lower back. Can be used as often as you like wherever you feel your contraction in your body (legs, lower abdominal or back).



Do not use oils before birth starts. 

Do not use after birth if breastfeeding.

You can use this blend after your period comes back in order to help yourself balance your hormones back. 

Clary sage may affect your milk supply so use cautiously while breastfeeding.
Not for internal use.

Birth Oils Bundle

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