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An oil to help boost your milk supply.

Most women can physically breastfeed with no issues providing they have the right environment and support; very much like in birth, breastfeeding is helped by oxytocin. This beautiful hormone helps us make milk for our baby. But we will struggle if we are stressed, feeling unsafe or unsupported. Should you feel you need help with boosting your milk supply, this oil will help and support you.


Avoiding your nipples and areolas, rub the oil all around your milk ducts, the breasts, all the way to your armpit. Use as often as you can, and stop when you feel your milk supply increased. 



Avoid contact with your nipples and areolas and with bay's skin and mouth.

There is no need to rub the oil on the nipple. 

DO NOT let your baby’s mouth touch the oil.

Not for internal use.

Breastfeeding Milk Boosting Oil

1 Milliliter
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