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This bundle is for use if you feel like you might be developing PND or have experienced it in the past and you want to prevent it happening again.


This is a bundle consisting of: 

  • Smelling Salts

  • Pure Oils for Diffuser

  • Body Butter


You will get immediate benefit from smelling oil molecules that go straight to your brain, and a longer term effect by rubbing the body butter and letting the essential oils go to your blood stream. 


Pure essential oils blend

The pure oil blend can be used for a diffuser or to top up your smelling salt. Or mix with carrier oil when your cream runs out.

Smelling salts

Ready mixed pure essential oils with rock salt. Small as much as you can and need.

Pre mixed body butter 

50ml Ready mixed butter to rub all over your body (not suitable for face). Use freely like you would body lotion. Make sure to rub on your feet before bedtime, to help the essential oils get to your bloodstream efficiently.



Not suitable for face or gentle tissues like your vagina or mouth. Not suitable for babies, but perfectly safe to use while breastfeeding.

Not for internal use.

Postnatal Depression Bundle

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