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Strengthening the uterus.

For use before getting pregnant or a few months after giving birth.

Rub vigorously on the lower belly, clockwise, 2-3 times a day. 


  • Trying to conceive:
    - If you are going through fertility treatments you cannot use essential oils at all.
    - If you get pregnant, stop using the oil.
    - Stress has a massive effect on holding pregnancy, so please do not neglect the emotional side of things. 

  • After giving birth/ miscarriage:
    -wait until you stop bleeding before starting to use the oil blend.
    -If you had a miscarriage and trying to conceive again, stop using the oil if you suspect you might be pregnant.
    -OK to use when you are on your period.

  • Not for internal use.

Uterus Strengthening Oil

50 Milliliters
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