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Birth Stories: The Empowering Free Birth of Baby Aurora

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

“True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world...” -Brené Brown

When I heard this quote it immediately made me think about Sophie’s birth of Aurora.

newly born baby breastfeeding, her father watching
Baby Aurora feeding by Miabelle Photography

Sophie has very carefully planned for her second baby’s birth. Never have I met a woman who was more prepared: mentally, physically, spiritually.

She chose who was in her birth space, she designed her birth space to the latter.

She chose to have a Free Birth.

Free birth is birthing with no midwife, no medical team. It is to totally believe in yourself and surrender to the birthing process.

It was amazing!

a mother in the birthing pool holding her newly born baby by Miabelle Photography
Sophie holding her newly born baby by Miabelle Photography

I must admit I was weary at first. Unsure myself. But after witnessing the strength that comes from within, that comes from knowing and believing, I cannot imagine any other kind of birth.

(By the way, if you are around Cheshire and need a doula, look no more just call Jemma White, The Hypnobirthing Doula. She is incredible).

This was power. This is womanhood. It was the ultimate feminist act I could think of - taking control on your own birth!

Sophie is a woman who truly belongs to herself. And now her baby girl belongs to her too.

This is the birth I wish for every woman around the world.

new born baby with her mother in bed
Sophie and Aurora in bed by Miabelle Photography

There’s a huge change happening in me in the last couple of years. And it’s women like this one who are helping me see the true power of women believing in themselves and in the power of their bodies. The power of knowledge and the power of complete surrender, without fear.

Fear of childbirth was introduced to us by modern medicine and men. No I’m not slacking science or medicine but I am angry about the way control was taken out of the hands of women. Control on your own body! How basic is that??

But the knowledge is there in your body. Birthing like you want and choose, surrounded by people you choose and in a space you choose and design is pure power. And pure magic.

I hope more women will take back power, will claim back their bodies and their absolute right to birth naturally, welcoming their baby to this world in the most gentle and loving way.

When baby Aurora came she was quiet and peaceful, so much so that it took her a good hour to realise she can even cry. Straight from the safety of her mother’s womb to the warmth and quietness of the birthing space and to her parent’s arms.

A few months on, she’s still one of the happiest babies I know. Long may it last.

Sophie is a birth couch and priches what she practiced and you can find her here.

If you want to book me to document the birth of your baby anywhere in and around Manchester get in touch here or here :)


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