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Gatley Carrs, June, 2018

On a bright white summer's day we went for a photoshoot in Gatley Carrs. We had a lovely walk around this gorgeous park and found lots of beautiful flowers, fruit trees and even some teeny tiny baby froggies! Spring at its best, all lush and pretty. Luckily I remembered to bring a picnic blanket so we even managed to take some beautiful photos.

It was a very white day. Although it was nice and warm, it was very cloudy. White clouds, the kind that blocks the rays of the sun but reflect its light so everything is very very bright.

I write quite a lot about the sun. It is my main source of light so I can get a bit obsessed with it. In fact often photographers are obsessed with the light, always looking for the source. It can be quite daunting to go out on a photoshoot with no sun, but here is the proof that one can get great pictures even on a very whiteout day. No rays in sight but actually one of my favourite sessions to date.

Two lovely little girls, with lovey parents who are never afraid of being silly, turned this photoshoot to a very successful one.

My conclusion: always remember the most important thing is not always the light, but really how much fun you have.   

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