How and Why I Missed a Birth

I met Joy for our maternity shoot, about three weeks before she gave birth.

I liked her straight away. Such an old soul in such a young woman. She has been through much in life and happily it resulted in her being super confident in her own skin.

She knew exactly how she wanted her birth to look like. This wasn’t her first birth, and although her previous one was a natural birth, she still had her fears and trust-in-self issues.

black and white image of a Pregnant woman in the shower
Joy in the shower

We had a long chat and I offered her an EFT session. I think it worked because she did go to have an amazing birth, just like she wanted. I think… because I wasn’t there…

How I missed the birth?

Usually during the days before the birth is coming, mothers will have contractions on and off. This could last for days. Especially if this is not their first birth. So I knew it was coming and I was fully on call and ready to go.

But on the night it happened, I never got the call.

I woke up to a message that she had her baby.


Because when the moment came and Joy knew she was having her baby she had the overwhelming feeling that she didn’t want anyone around her. She was with herself (and her lovely partner) immersed in her body, knowing it was doing its job perfectly.

Her birth story is hers to tell. My story is that I was a bit disappointed to have missed it, but I completely and utterly respected and understood her needs. Moreover I am so so proud of her that she knew exactly what she wanted and needed.

As I missed the birth, the day after I came instead to meet her new baby girl and we had a lovely “Fresh 48” session instead.

I cannot begin to tell you how magical these sessions are. The baby is so fresh, between worlds, getting used to this one in a magical bubble with her mama.

Only a week later she already looked completely different.

Those days after your birth (days/ nights it’s all mixed up together) go by so fast. And although I wasn’t there for the birth, I was there to catch those fleeting moments. And this is just as precious.

This is what Joy wrote to me after I visited her: "Thank you! I can't express how priceless it is to have these moments documented, that previously just never have been".

Fresh 48 photography, a woman standing by the window holding her newborn baby
Fresh 48

Newborn baby girl smile, fresh 48 newborn photography

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