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Three Generations of Lovely Ladies

Grandma, mother and baby in a black and white picture

a baby walking and very happy
A little lady who just started walking and is very pleased with herself!

happy baby in a black and white image

I had the pleasure of photographing this almost toddler when she was a tiny wee baby. Now she has just started walking and her lovely mama decided a photo-shoot was in order!

We met at the ever so lovely Lyme Park in Stockport. I do love this great park, with its grand house and beautiful grounds. It is absolutely huge and full of beautiful views and hidden gems. A lot of nature (and deer poop), a beautiful manor house garden and a really awesome playground.

Unfortunately for us it was a bitterly cold day, one of the first of the season. Probably more so for us being in an open park. So as it was, little miss sunshine was not playing ball at all. She was cold and not happy and the last thing she wanted was to smile to the camera. At this stage this is the best we manage to get out of her:

There was very little point carrying on like that as there were no smiles to be found! And believe me we tried!

So we decided to go into the cafe to warm ourselves up.

That seemed to do the trick! A mug of warm milk (and central heating) and she was all smiles! Hop on mummy for a ride and pose for the camera in this beautiful light.

a baby on her mother's shoulders messing up her hair in a black and white image

Oh the beautiful edits you can do with a great source of light...

25 minutes later, happy and warm, we ventured to the playground.

It was a midweek day, so we had the whole area to ourselves. How very convenient!

Being nearly one, there is not a lot you can do by yourself in the playground. But don't you worry little one, Grandma to the rescue, hopped on to the swing and little miss lovely is nice and snugly in grandma's loving arms.

A few more snuggles, watching her mama trying out the slide,

whoops wet bottom, we might as well go for a ride.

With much improved spirits

we head back to the cars,

a few more snaps on the way,

happy munchkin now, oh what a great day!

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